lunate bone osteochondrosis

lunate bone osteochondrosis
болезнь Кинбека (остеохондропатия полулунной кости запястья), остеохондроз полулунной кости (запястья), остеохондропатия полулунной кости

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  • Kienbock's disease — Kien·böck s disease kēn .beks n osteochondrosis affecting the lunate bone called also lunatomalacia Kien·böck kēn .bœk Robert (1871 1953) Austrian radiologist. Kienböck pioneered in radiology. From 1910 11 he published descriptions of dislocation …   Medical dictionary

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  • lunatomalacia — SYN: Kienböck disease. * * * lu·na·to·ma·la·cia .lü nə tō mə lā sh(ē )ə n KIENBÖCK S DISEASE * * * lu·na·to·ma·la·cia (loo na″to mə laґshə) osteochondrosis of the semilunar (carpal lunate) bone; see Kienbцck disease, under… …   Medical dictionary

  • Kienbцck disease — slowly progressive osteochondrosis of the semilunar (carpal lunate) bone; it may affect other bones of the wrist. Called also lunatomalacia …   Medical dictionary